We are a group of committed volunteers working to fulfill the mission of Sister Cities Essex Haiti. SCEH serves as a portal through which people who are interested in making a positive, measurable impact on a community in Haiti can do so while also developing relationships with the people in that community.

Sister Cities Essex Haiti-Town of Essex

On May 19, 2010, the Selectmen of the Town of Essex authorized the creation of an autonomous Board charged with developing a sister-cities relationship with Hospital Albert Schweitzer and Deschapelles and its environs and fulfilling its mission.

Current members and officers of the Sister Cities Essex Haiti, Inc. Board of Directors are the following:

Dr. Dan Taylor-Stypa*       President; Director
Denise D’Avella*                 Vice-President, Strategic Planning; Co-chair, Development Committee; Director
Jenifer Grant*                      Vice-President, Deschapelles Project Coordination; Director
Jeffrey Mehler*                    Treasurer; Director
Jean Maignan                      Assistant Treasurer; Liaison, Sister Cities International; Director
Susan McCann*                   Secretary; Director
Connie Connor                    Chair, Marketing & Communications Committee; Director
David Evangelisti*              Director
Brenda Floyd                       Director
Mary-Beth Harrigan           Co-chair, Development Committee; Director
Diane Huot                           Director
Phillip Krall                          Director
Robert Lamothe                  Liaison, Hospital Albert Schweitzer; Director
Kathleen Maher*                Chair, Governance Committee; Director
Terry Parkinson                  Chair, Library Committee; Director
Sarah Whitney                    Director

*Executive Committee member

Persons holding the following positions, or their designees, serve as non-voting ex officio members of the Sister Cities Essex Haiti Board of Directors:

  • Selectmen of the Town of Essex: Joel Marzi & Stacia Libby
  • Principal, Essex Elementary School: Scott Jeffrey
  • Director, Essex Library
  • Director, Ivoryton Library: Elizabeth Alvord
  • Superintendent, Region 4 Schools (Chester, Deep River, Essex): Ruth Levy or Joanne Beekley, Assistant Superintendent
  • Designee, Tri-Club Rotary (Chester, Deep River, Essex): Linda Kauffman
  • Designee, Valley Shore Interfaith Alliance: Joy Perkins
  • Designee, Essex Board of Trade: Connie Connor
  • Executive Director, Community Music School

Residency in the Town of Essex is not a requirement for Board membership or any other involvement with SCEH. We welcome any and all volunteers who would like to join us in supporting our projects in Haiti.

Sister Cities Essex Haiti does not have any paid staff or employees.

If you would like to volunteer, please contact us.

ODES-Town of Deschapelles

ODES (Organization Pour Development Economique and Social) is an organization, formed in 2007 of leading citizens in the Town of Deschapelles and its environs, who meet weekly to discuss and implement economic and social development in Deschapelles. All members of the community are welcome. They are all volunteers. ODES is closely linked to, and supportive of, HAS. ODES could be compared to a Lion’s Club, Rotary, or Chamber of Commerce in the United States. For example, after the earthquake, they provided housing and food, free of charge, to internally displaced people—people who had left Port au Prince to find medical care and safety in the countryside—until they found more permanent homes. The cost of the food was initially contributed by them and subsequently supported by generous donations from Haitian and American friends. They also provided support and assistance to L’Escale, an HAS facility that provides housing and meals to amputees being fitted for prosthetics at the Hanger Clinic on the campus of HAS, by transporting patients to and from the prosthetics center on the HAS campus.

ODES Members

ODES Members

SCEH will collaborate with ODES to identify and consummate projects that will improve the quality of life in Deschapelles and its environs. ODES will take responsibility for the day-to-day operations of the proposed library.  They are an integral part of all projects undertaken by Sister Cities Essex Haiti in Deschapelles.

Current officers of ODES are the following:
BELIZAIRE Luquece President
DORSAINVIL Dieudonne Vice President
BELIZAIRE Besly Secretaire General
CHARLES Markenzy Secretaire Adjoint
GARCON FRITZ Piosson Tresorier
THERNE Arold Conseiller
ARISTYL Fresnel Conseiller
STIMPHYL Barthèlemy Deleguer
PHILO Christène Delegueras

Luquece Belizaire, ODES President

Luquece Bélizaire, ODES President

Bersley Belizaire-ODES Vice President (left), Terry Smith-Chair,SCEH Library Committee (center), Michelet Charles-ODES member (right)

Bersley Bélizaire-Vice President-ODES (left), Terry Smith-Chair-SCEH Library Committee (center), Michelet Charles-ODES member (right)




Members of ODES and SCEH working together

Members of ODES and SCEH working together